Nocturne Catalog
NocDISQ Long Players
NocDISQ1The Cake"Cake Walk"1982Prd: NL
NocDISQ2The Cake"Mu"1982Prd: NL
NocDISQ3The Cake"Doped"1983Prd: NL
NocDISQ4The Cake"The Jungle"1984Prd: NL, JMW
NocDISQ5Nocturne"Resistance 1933"1984Prd: NL, JMW, DT
NocDISQ6Nocturne"Foreign Intrigue"1985Prd: NL, DLG, RDW
NocDISQ7Nocturne"Darkness at Dawn"1986Prd: NL
NocDISQ8Nick Laviers"New Ice Age"1987Incomplete. Prd: NL
NocDISQ9The Cake"Tales From Heaven"1988Compiled: NL
NocDISQ10Nocturne"Nocturne go mad in Europe"1988Compiled: NL
NocDISQ11Danz Definiti & MC Keeney"In Pursuit of Girls"1992Prd: DLG, NL
NocDISQ12Various"Nocturne go mad in Europe 2"1997Compiled: NL
NocDISQ13Nicholas Laviers"Les Voix, Les Cloches et L'eau"1995Compiled: NL
NocDISQ14Various"The Uncle Alan-Gate Tapes"???? Planned. Compiled: DLG
NocDISQ15Reason & Devotion"Pax"1999Incomplete. Prd: NL & MGL
NocDISQ16The Cake"CAKEPAK"2000Incomplete. Prd: NL, JMW, DLG
NocDISQ17Reason and Devotion"America"2009Prd: NL
NocDISQ18Reason and Devotion"The Art of Not Belonging"2012Prd: NL
NocDISQ19Reason and Devotion"LOVE"2015Incomplete. Prd: NL
NocDISQ20Em, M & R"Duck Hop Vol. 1"2018Incomplete. Prd: RL, NL, ML
NocETTE Singles
NocETTE1Nocturne"Swingtime"1984Prd: NL, JMW, DT
NocETTE2The Cake"Flopmatic"1985Prd: NL
NocETTE3The ART is ADVERTISING"Bender MacCrill"1985Incomplete
NocETTE4Nocturne"All About Evette"1986Prd: NL
NocETTE5Nocturne"A Natural Source of Poison"1989Prd: NL
NocETTE6Sondisa"Night Over Paris"1989Prd: NL
NocETTE7Nick Laviers"Vinicat Utilitas"1991Prd: NL
NocETTE8Luna & Polo"Bombshell"1994Prd: PJL, NL
NocETTE9Nocturne"Litany"2007Prd: NL
NocEXPO Extended Players
NocEXPO1Nocturne"In Flight Fantasy EP"1988Prd: NL
NocEXPO2Sondisa"Night Over Paris - Benelux Remix"1989Prd: NL, RDW
NocEXPO3Nocturne"Riviera Bella Vista EP"1989Prd: NL, MGL
NocEXPO4Reason & Devotion"Musique Concrete EP"1990Prd: NL, MGL, JS
NocEXPO5Nick Laviers"Jeu de Familles EP"1992Prd: NL
NocEXPO6Danz Definiti"Universal Harmony"1992Prd: NL, DLG
NocEXPO7Nick Laviers"Limits - Four Seasons in Love"1993Prd: NL
NocEXPO8Reason & Devotion"Quartet"2001Prd: NL & MGL
NocEXPO9Nick Laviers"Images '85'91"2003Compiled: NL
NocEXPO10Reason & Devotion"Tinseltown Suite"2013Prd: NL
NocEXPO11Reason & Devotion"Occidental"2018Prd: NL
NocRETRO side-projects never originally intended for release
NocRETRO1VariousRound the Wales Challenge I????Compiled: DLG
NocRETRO2VariousRound the Wales Challenge II????Compiled: DLG
NocRETRO3VariousRound the Wales Challenge III????Compiled: DLG
NocRETRO4VariousRound the Wales Challenge IV????Compiled: DLG
NocRETRO5VariousRound the Wales Challenge V????Compiled: DLG
NocRETRO6VariousRound the Wales Challenge VI????Compiled: DLG
NocRETRO7VariousRound the Wales Challenge VII????Compiled: DLG
NocRETRO8VariousRound the Wales Challenge VIII????Compiled: DLG